Friday, March 4, 2011

Taman Awam, Miri 3March2011

Miri was supposed to be a non-descript stopover as we made our way to Mulu but we were pleasantly surprised by what it had in store for us. After checking in into our hotel (more about this place in my next post) we went in search for some food. As we headed towards Miri town, we passed Taman Awam, a public park. Although our stomachs needed to be filled, the sight of the suspension bridge persuaded us to check the place out.
We had the whole park to ourselves. The play area was built in a valley and by walking on the bridge we could see what the park had to offer.

View of the playground from the suspension bridge.

View of the splash pool. It had a tyre swing, pouring buckets, jets of water shooting out from the seahorse's mouth...

A viewing tower at the end of the suspension bridge. It gave us a good view of Miri.
The park was beautifully landscaped and worthy of another visit. Entrance is free.
In Fai's words "I want to stay here the rest of my life!"
and Han not wanting to be left out said "I want to stay here for a hundred, a hundred and eight hours!"
Miri...who would have known...

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