Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day3 with Machika 12March2011

It was the annual Raptor Watch weekend and the raptors were an awesome sight to behold as they soared in the afternoon sky. These raptors hovered just above my house. We gave the event in Tanjung Tuan a miss and chose to stay home instead.

The first thing Machika asked was "Any shells?" She managed to collect quite a number of sundials, top shells and cowries.
JY and Machika spent the afternoon discovering the beach and building sandcastles.
Machika told us that PD is much better than Hawaii, her family's summer holiday destination. Hawaii, she says, is crowded and the water smells of suntan oil.

Machika's first satay meal.

Machika managed to get JY hooked on Sudoku

We visited the weekly pasar malam and JY introduced peanut pancake (apam balek) to Machika.
Then it was back to the beach to hunt for hermit crabs.

We planned to go to Melaka the next day but Machika and JY decided that they would rather spend another day at the beach instead. So the beach it is. We will keep Melaka for June, when we get to host Machika again before she ends her 1 year as an IYE student.

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