Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deer Cave, Mulu 4March2011

After the 3 hour walk from the Mulu Park HQ, we were greeted by this sight.
We rested for a while at the bats observatory before continuing on to the caves. Fai could spot the bats from where we were seated.
Fai: Look, those black dots that look like knives. Those are bats, Mummy. They are bats hanging upside down. Can't you see them?
Me (straining my eyes and wishing I had binoculars): Er...I am trying hard to....
First to Deer Cave then to Langs Cave.
After the caves it is back to the bats observatory to marvel at 3 million bats as they make they nightly flight out of the caves.

Entrance of Deer Cave.
Deers were frequently sighted in this cave once upon a time. Many believed it was because the deers came for the salt in the mineral-rich guano. The deers were easy targets and the last deer was killed in the 1970s.

The Garden of Eden - a jungle in the middle of the cave caused by a cave-in
It was a lengthy walk through the cave. One way in and out. The photo above shows how large the cave is.

Guano - the brown stuff on the ground
Throughout the cave we had to breathe in the strong stench of the bat's guano. At certain sections with less air movement, the concentration of guano was so high, it was overpowering.

And lastly, not-to-be-missed is Abe Lincoln's famous profile.

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