Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pottering 20March2011

Fai trying to teach Han a game of Checkers.

Although Han can draw pretty well, he still asks his big brother for help. Fai would
drop whatever he was doing and assist him. Han has progressed so much that I have to ask whose drawing I was looking at.
These days, Han would announce at the top of his lungs, "I need to draw! Give me a pen!" The drawing bug has certainly bitten him.

JY took over her grandmother's untouched Sudoku book and in 2 days was attempting the 57th puzzle. She insisted I tried out the simpler puzzles that she skipped and when I had completed it, she said "Now you know why I am addicted to this thing??!!"
Fai drew out Sudoku boxes that were out of alignment and added his own numbers into the boxes. He wanted me to solve his puzzles.
I told him I needed straight lines and showed him how to draw the boxes. He added the numbers, he made sure he doesn't place the same numbers in each column or row or region.
I was discussing the house's renovation plan with Dear hubby and told Fai to give me a moment.
Whatever we discussed, Fai managed to draw out. Note the rope to climb up to the loft.

Art inspired by Machika and Mulu.
Machika taught JY the crane origami.
The carved orange peel(top, right) by JY was an attempt in replicating the wooden warrior's shield she saw in Sarawak.
Fai cut out his orange peel into a castle and a human figure.

JY managed to find this long-forgotten origami book and she soon mastered folding a duck. She created a flock of ducks :)
Fai's green origami penguin with breast coloured in.

Han found a dead millipede. I ran to get my microscope eager to have a look at its mouth and legs. Han said its legs look like crab's legs. The head got lost when I spent too much time focusing the microscope.
Ean tried to shove dried leaves under the eye-piece.

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