Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Langs Cave and the Bat Exodus from the observatory 4March2011

Map of Langs Cave. Han likes maps and he traced his finger along the route we followed repeatedly.
Langs Cave was touted to have spectatcular cave formations

It was easy to explain the formation of stalagmite and stalactites when the kids could witness for themselves the dripping of the mineralised solution from the stalactite above.

Lots of information was readily available. Signboards such as the one above explained the science behind what we saw and at times posted puzzling questions for us to mull over.

Jellyfish like formations. Similar to the ones we came across in Gua Tempurung.

After admiring the formations in Langs Cave, we gathered at the bats observatory to witness the nightly exodus of bats as they fly out from the caves by the thousands from 5 to 6.30pm.
The bats can be seen circling and gathering above the entrance of the cave and then leaving in a spiralling ribbon towards the forest. A moment later, another group of bats will leave the cave and this will occur continuously until nightfall.
As each colony of bats left the cave, my kids cheered and Ooohed and Aaaahed with the rest of the crowd.
We sat there and saw at least 10 colonies leave the cave. It wa
Here's a video of the bat exodus. Enjoy!
As we walked back towards the park HQ for our ride back to the resort, we could hear the bats swoosh by over head.
It was an amazing sight catching sight of them among between the trees as they flew by.
Drawing by Fai depicting the bats using echolocation to locate their prey.
The bat with Xs for its eyes hit a stalagmite.
"It forgot to use echolocation and hit its head" explains Fai.
He also drew the plankwalk we walked on.
I will need to ask him what the circle on the upper righthand corner is as well as the orange sketches on the upper left corner.

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