Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hotair Balloon @ Putrajaya 17thMarch2011

We missed out on the hotair balloons last year because of a thunderstorm. The moment I heard that the Hotair balloons were back, I knew that I had to make an early trip to Putrajaya.
We departed the house at 6am and arrived in time to see a big group of people rushing to a destination known only them. Dear hubby stopped the car and told us to join in the race while he finds a suitable parking spot.
It seems that those people in the race had been queueing for the tethered rides at the wrong spot since 4.30am.
We joined the queue- at the right spot.
And we were given these queue numbers. We were 78th in line at 7am.
The queue at 8am.
The ticketing staff were efficient and we got through rather quickly. The only hitch being, Ean didn't look tall enough for the ride. When measured against the table, he was a good 2inches above, so they gave him a ticket with a warning - he can't be carried.

One of the more interesting balloons.

It was a lovely sight, seeing all the colourful hotair balloons in the morning sky. One by one they lifted off and hovered over the lake before heading beyond the horizon.

Upside-down hotair balloon.
We watched our hotair balloon being set up. A huge fan was used to inflate the balloon. Once it is of good size, the LPG flame will be switched on. Flooof! Floooof! We could feel the heat from afar.

The two hotair balloons for the tethered rides.
Only 2 adults were allowed at any one time, children can accompany their parents.

The heat was intense and JY said her brain got cooked and her hair scorched by the flames.

Fai and Han's facial expression after their rides expressed such exhilaration and pure happiness that it made the long drive and 2 hour wait worthwhile.
Hello, down there!
Try spotting JY, Fai and Swathy.

Han and Ean went for the ride with me. Han got the second ride FOC because he started fussing and refused to let me get into the basket. Han, my protector :)
There were little peek holes around the wicker basket for the little ones to peep through.
Han didn't like the sound of the burner and crouched down throughout the ride. Ean was pretty calm at first but got agitated when his older brother started dashing around the basket and making panicky sounds.
All the hotair balloons were deflated by 11am. So if you are planning on catching the event be there early. More details at the myballoonfiesta website.

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