Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Kebun

The trip was unplanned.
I was planning to take the kids to IKEA and drop JY off for her clay class.
But K called and asked if I wanted to go to Triang.
I was planning a trip to Tasek Bera the day before, so I jumped at the chance to have a preview of the place.
The flexibility of unschooling my kids.
Triang: Along the Pahang river, there are numerous stalls selling live tilapia and patin.

Pahang river looked muddy, big and treacherous. I don't think I am all that keen to go to Tasek Bera anymore.

My kids love going to Kebun. They love playing with the dogs, cats, plucking fruits, feeding the fishes and I guess the moment they are most fond of is when the generator is switched off. This is when everyone congregates on the verendah to enjoy the night. Most of the time there will be lots of talk of the good old days. This time around it was about back when there were lots of hornbills and gibbons before the forest was cleared for the development of the Karak Highway.

I don't usually like yellow rambutans but this tree gave lovely sweet rambutans with flesh that did not stick to the seeds.

I didn't realise that I was stepping on a nest of cobras as I took this photo.

I was too busy running to take a photo of the black baby cobra.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Squire's Kitchen @ ICCA

Jian Yi and Rosalind Chan, her tutor. Jy was impressed that Rosalind would just lug her toolbox to any country and make $$$$
JY's classmates. They came from Singapore, China and Australia.

Last day of the course. JY was hard at work.

Blogging diarrhoea

After months of not blogging, I can't stop creating new posts.

JY and Food Photography

Without fail, JY would always take a photo of her fondant creations. She wants to take her phototgraphy skills a notch higher by enrolling in a food photography course.
This means acquiring a better camera?

From her Squire's Kithen Diploma Course, she found out that she could improve on her cake deco by going for flower arranging courses, food photo courses and clay classes.

Tootin' Bathtub Baby Cousins


Fai and Han can finally play together. Fai used to get very upset at Han's ability to wreck his creations be it Lego blocks or jigsaw puzzles. Now that Han is about to turn 4, Fai has a brother that he understands and can communicate with. It is a joy seeing them play.
Ean tries to join in their fun. And his brothers do try to accommodate him(they must have been aware of my gaze) but most of the time they would build barriers around their play area to keep baby bro out.
The only time the 3 of them are focusing on the same thing is when Mummy needs to get some house work done and the korkors entertain Ean with nursery rhymes on YouTube.

Songs that include bodily noises are Ean's favourites.

Beautiful Malaysia!

Finally, Viji the mechanic down the road has completed the repairs on Kent's newly acquired Volvo - his 3rd Volvo. His Dad bought him his first Volvo 240 when he was 18. The first time he drove that car was when he drove me home...a short drive from Taynton view to Tmn Midah but it made him sweat buckets.

His T5 will be mine now and I can't wait to take my kids on trips around this beautiful country. No more having to settle for loafing around shopping malls or leaving them in Smaland. It will be the great outdoors from here on ( except for wednesdays when JY would need to complete her clay course).

It was just this morning that I realised ( after reading Nutgraph about something totally unrelated but switched on a lightbulb in my dull grey matter nevertheless) that Malaysia's rich natural hertage would not last forever. So before it is all gone, my kids should at least have the opportunity to have a glimpse at it all.

I shall start with somewhere near. I still need to get my driving skills in order before I hit the Malaysian highway. Rimba Ilmu, situated in UM's campus, seems interesting. Let's see what it has in store for us....