Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make your own rainbow and rubberball @PSN

JY, Fai and Han headed down to the 2nd floor of PSN for their workshop on animation.
Ean stayed with me.
DH spent his time in the library, he said he wanted to do some research on the beach and tide.
A splash of colours awaited us in the lab.
He couldn't wait to get started and started fiddling with the test-tubes.
Out two activities for the day - Make our own rainbow and rubber ball. We had done both before during PSN's Science Day but no harm in some repitition.

The worksheet.
Each colour was of a different density. Red had highest density and purple lowest.
Test tube had to be tilted and the solution dripped in slowly to avoid mixture of colours.
Lots of help was given - with a smile. The lab staff were fabulous. Patient and friendly, they even babysat for a while so that a mommy could assist her 2 older children.
Our rainbow in a test tube.
The 2 little girls seated next to me were very curious and asked if the colours could be put in in reverse order, as in from purple to red instead and the answer was YES!
So they tried it out but it was more difficult and the resultant solution turned black -a storm was made they were told. No rainbow :)
The 8year old and 5 year old handled themselves very independently while their mom cared for their baby brother.
Rubber ball was made using white PVA Elmer's glue, water, borax and food colouring
water was added to the glue and stirred.
Then add a bit of food colouring
Add borax and stir till a sticky lump is formed.
Remove the lump. Squeeze and roll into a ball.

Bouncy balls.
The kids had a variety of colours. After the session, they went around and exchanged bits of their balls with others the get a multicoloured ball.
A very fun session indeed.
Thank you Pn Maznah and the rest of your team for making learning science fun.

News from the teenagers doing Animation was not so encouraging.
They found the session too simple as they were taught stop motion. Something the teens had already done themselves - at a higher level.
JY was bored stiff and the other teens dryly commented that they won't attend another PSN workshop again.
However, Fai said he had a good time. So I guess the lesson must have been pitched for his level.
JY said she thought that the programmes would get progressively harder not conversely.
Looks like a serious discussion must be had with the PSN staff in charge of this.


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