Monday, March 14, 2011

Day2 with Machika 11March2011

It was pitch black when we arrived at the rabbit farm, the landmark for Broga hill. Only one car was parked by the road side.

Machika and JY: eerie...

My hubby: You see, no one comes this early, let's have breakfast. I am starving.

We headed to Semenyih town for some hot noodles and drove back to Broga at about 7.30am. The moment we arrived, we could see about 10 cars parked in the palm oil estate.

As we approached the first peak of Broga Hill, we bumped into about a 100 homeschooling kids and their teachers coming from learning centres around Kota Kemuning, USJ and Cheras area. They were descending the hill and one of their teachers told us that they were there since 5.30am and there were cars already parked in the estate.

Homeschoolers in Broga! What an active lot they were. Chattering non-stop and having a gala time.

JY, Machika and Dear Hubby went on further while I kept a watchful eye on the boys as we rested at the first peak.

Fai and his admirers, UPM students.

The boys played amongst the tall grass and on the huge boulders.

Machika and JY at the highest peak.

Scaling down carefully.

Dear hubby came back with a giant millipede for the boys to look at. Han took it and showed to the UPM students.

It started to drizzle, so it is back down the hill before the sandy slope becomes a muddy slope. Fai and Han had an enjoyable bumpy ride as they slid down the steep slopes on their buttocks.

JY, Fai, Han and Machika were a good 10 minutes ahead of my hubby and I. They waited patiently in the car for us. be so young and energetic....

After a quick shower, we got ready for Yong Taufu @Peel Rd and KLCC. The crispy fried foochok and sweet sauce were Machika's favourites.

After a hearty meal at our favourite lunch stall, we headed to Petronas Twin Towers. Tickets to the Skybridge were sold out, so we watched a movie instead - I am number four - which was surprisingly good and very entertaining.
While we were choosing out doughnuts at San Moulin, Machika received a call and suddenly looked ashen. She informed me of the earthquake in Japan. She couldn't get through to her family. It was only 3 hours later when she managed to get hold of them - they were safe.
Machika was stoic throughout the 3 hour wait. She managed to put on a smile and took JY shopping. " Very cheap!" she says.

Han swinging with his eyes shut.

The boys collecting frangipani flowers

We ended the day with an origami workshop conducted by Michika.

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