Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 4 with Machika 13March2011

JY continued with her Sudoku addiction the next day while Machika was engrossed in a book on worms - 'There is a hair in my dirt' by Gary Larson. A hilarious book about a young worm that learns how a strand of hair got into his dinner dirt.

The boys with their toy soldiers on the Cluedo Junior board.

Fai drawing a dragon with the help of a 3D model still encased in plastic. The boys were forbidden to open it until they are much older.

Ean looking for someone to join him in a game of Twister. No takers.

So he played by himself with mummy as the spinner. Left hand blue, spin, Right hand yellow...spin...
Ean got the rest to join him much later.

Photo by Ean entitled 'A driftwood and my foot'

Machika and JY spent 4 hours under the afternoon sun on their Loch Ness and Castle sand art. Read her sandcastle post.

Taa-dah...their masterpiece.
HYan and WLeong dropped by for a visit. I was hoping for some cooperative raptors and starfish to show my first-time visitors but luck was not on my side. So I had to contend with 2 hermit crabs.
My boys were much better hosts, taking their new friends Shanyang and Xuan to their rock pool. They managed to catch a few shrimps (not prawns, says Fai) and some rock crabs.
Just an hour before their arrival, hundreds of raptors hovered overhead.
I texted to HYan: 200 raptors in Tg Tuan
5 minutes later: 300!
Another few minutes later: Too late...they flew off
HYan texted back: You sounded like you were at an auction...200, 300, going, going, gone.
That was hilarious.
It was wonderful having HYan and family around. Their obvious love of nature makes me appreciate my beach even more. Thanks for sharing your evening with us
Ean absolutely forbids me to step on the sand bubbles created by the tiny crabs. He loves picking the little balls of sand up and would pass them to me for keeps.

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