Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zoo Negara II - tram ride & animal parts 24Feb2011

After lunch, it was time for a tram ride around the zoo. Edwina, our facilitator for the zoo education programme, graciously volunteered to be our guide and she gave lots of interesting snippets of the animals we passed by.

"Did you know that the goat's iris is rectangular?"

Other little questions to pique our interest as we zoomed through the zoo...
  • Do you know the difference between a horn and an antler?

  • Did you know our Malayan sun bear is the smallest bear in the world? What is the largest bear?

Baby giraffe is 1 year old. The other 3 female giraffes are pregnant.

The guided tour was very informative and I enjoyed my 30 minute ride.

After the ride, we stopped at Children's World. Fai pulled me into a cave with grisly exhibits. Elephant shoes anyone? Comes with elastic spongy cushioning.
Note the elephant's teeth. The boys remembered playing with elephant's teeth in K. Gandah

Shrinking skulls?
The smallest skull is the marmoset's and the largest is the baboon's.

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