Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I finally found the time to retrieve and sort out the discarded wood blocks for the boys.
In no time, the boys had themselves a fort
They went on to build battleships
Ean was pleased with the tunnel I built him. As you can see, the boys didn't acquire their architectural skills from me

Monday, June 27, 2011

1st Beach Cleanup with Machika....more photos..

The girls doing their bit for the environment.
Part of what they amassed.

Machika found lots of mangrove seed pods. JY showed her how to plant them among the rocks.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cape Rachado Lighthouse and Pulau Intan @Tanjung Tuan, PD 5June2011

One of my favourite places to go in PD.
An entrance fee of RM1 per adult is charged at the entrance to the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve We had actually planned on taking the boys to the Army Museum but turned back when we saw the bumper to bumper traffic. Traffic during the school holidays, especially on weekends can be atrocious in PD.
On the way up to the lighthouse, Han spotted a stick insect.
The kids taking a closer look.
The stick insect assumed varied positions as it tried to conceal itself. Fascinating.
After walking 30 minutes uphill from the carpark, we climbed up a flight of steps to the lighthouse.
The view from the lighthouse gives an unobstructed view of the sea. I still can't spot the whirlpools, supposedly visible from the top.
Trekking down to Pulau Intan
The weekend crowd
It took us about 30mins of hiking down a steep hill to reach this beautiful, untouched beach. By far, the best beach in PD. Definitely crowd free.
By the time we reached the beach, Ean was asleep on my shoulder. Ean has a habit of dozing off on long treks.
Fai and Machika
Interesting coral formations
Beautiful rocks
The beach at low tide.
Nice pondok for a rest. Machika wanted to camp overnight.
We couldn't get enough of the beach. It was very beautiful.
Worth every drop of sweat.
Spotted a striking red crab.
The camera wasn't with me when I saw an electric blue crab and a sea cucumber. The sea was so full of life.
Trekking back up to the lighthouse.

Hordes of termites going about their business.

If you are planning a trip here, remember to bring mosquito repellent, lots of drinking water, snacks and wear a decent pair of walking shoes or sandals. A walking stick would be useful on steep slopes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beach Cleanup with Machika @PD

The girls clowning around after their first beach cleanup.
One afternoon, Machika came to me asking for big plastic bags. when I asked her what it was for, she said that she was an environmentalist and wanted to clean the beach up. She says there is no unsightly trash in Japan.If there were, it is quickly taken care of. Here in Malaysia, she sees litter by the roadside, on the beach, overflowing garbage bins....
Machika and JY spent 3 hours picking up a garden hose, tap, medicine bottle, plastic bottles, food wrappers. JY said that it was like a mini market buried under the sand.
The managed to convince M KuCheh to cart 3 car boot full of trash to the nearby public bin while they cycled behind and hauled everything into the bin.
Machika and the boys on the 2nd beach cleanup
Ean lending a hand

The boys took it seriously
Searching for more trash
Part of what was picked up
Collection for the day

Ean had enough of picking litter after a while and decided that climbing was more entertaining.

Trash is washed up onto the shore daily and is always left behind by picnickers.

Something must be done to keep our beaches litter free!

Anyaman with Pak Borhan

We have been neglecting our 2 nangka trees. Borhan decided that he had to save the fruits. He says that by wrapping the fruits in coconut leaves, fruits that had been attacked by insects would halt further infestation within the fruit.
Borhan was teaching Sony how to weave.
Fai decided to do it his own way and weaved this
Machika who is always eager to learn, joined in. JY was too exhausted from the beach clean-up they did earlier to join in.
Borhan showing her how it is done.
Machika was a fast learner and needed little guidance from Pak Borhan.
Nangka fruits beautifully wrapped up.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A day by the beach with family and friends

Since moving into PD, we have had lots of company. WL and her kids dropped by for a visit, Machika wanted more of the beach, Marine came over for the school break and Pohpoh and Kongkong now had more opportunity to bond with their grandkids as they plied their weekly Karak-Melaka-Karak route. Now it's Karak-PD-Melaka.
Ean sharing a moment with Sam
WL came equipt with her watercolours
Han wanted to join in
Han the artist
Han's art piece
KHao putting in some finishing touches

The girls attempting to build an arch. Lots of teamwork is required.

Fai scrapped off moss from a rock.
Shoes are not required
Picking shells
The kids spent time together..
...and apart.
Notice that in both photos, KHao was busy shovelling.

Arian the merman. Han said he was more like Sandman. KHao supervising their handiwork.