Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Party @ Bangsar Village 26March2011

Slithering like a snake. It was JMing's 5th birthday party.

What a workout the boys had. First an hour of climbing, sliding, jumping and running at the play apparatus followed by games with the facilitator. Phew!

I have a question: What is it with 'Chicken Dance' at kids' parties?

This time around the mummies were roped in to do the dance.

Fai and Han didn't like the games much and excused themselves after the second game.

Competitive games like the ever popular scavanger hunt - get a belt or a 10cent coin or a strand of white hair was not their idea of fun.

Maybe seeing their mummy do the Chicken Dance took the fun out.

Other kids, especially the birthday boy, had a whale of a time though.
Ean, on the other hand insisted on joining the Disco Dance. He said that he wanted to dance and kept pulling me into the dark room with flashing lights and groovy music.

Hungry Kids.

The food was thoughtfully portioned and laid out on kid-sized tables.

So all the kids had to do was choose a seat and attack the food.

Thank you CHOoi, HLing and JMing for the lovely time.

Before heading back home, origami cranes caught JY's eye.

She happily folded 20 cranes.

She would have contributed more cranes if I hadn't given her a deadline.

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