Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 5 with Machika 14March2011

School holiday crowd on the ice. Try spotting JY, Machika and Am.
Machika mentioned that she was an ace on the ice and that her hobbies are singing and dancing. And hiphop was the dance she was in to.
I immediately thought of Sam. After some deft sms thumbing skills, we had a plan! I would take WL's girls ice skating and leave the boys at her house and then head to Sam's hiphop class after dinner.
Machika felt the rink was rather crowded and she wasn't used to having so many spectators. Skating rates in Tokyo is RM50/entry compared to RM13 in SPyramid.

While waiting for the girls I had my cuppa and a slice of cheesecake. Ean let me have some 'me' time by having his afternoon nap.

The boys at WL's, mothering Sam's little kittens. The kittens survived the day.

Machika in Sam's hiphop class.

The boys getting an eyeful as the ladies practiced 'Girls' Dance'
A very feminine dance with lots of swaying of hips and twirling of arms with 'Burlesque' booming in the background. The boys roared with laughter.

Han's art time

Fai, Han and Arian having an art session. Ean enticing Am to play ball with him.

Ean: What's that?
Arian: Hrmmmphhhh
Ean: Heeeeheeeeeheeee
**repeated countless times**
Arian was a great sport.

Fai and Han's first snow ice at 100Yen. They loved it and asked for seconds. Thanks for the treat WL :)
Sam and Machika showing their moves.

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