Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday @ Ulu Langat 27thMarch2011

Blow till your balloon bursts! How terrifying.

HC's birthday was held in a campsite in Ulu Langat. Once again competitive games were organised, Fai and Han backed out after trying out the first game.

While the other kids filled up plastic bottles with water using sponges, my boys looked on with disinterest.

Dear Hubby brought up the socialization issue and I guess he was wondering if homeschooling had made the boys shy away from such games and mixing with other kids.


I gave this some thought. I think the boys just didn't find the games worth participating in.

It is not that they had issues mixing with the other kids, it is just that blowing huge balloons and having it burst in your face and running up and down squeezing water into bottles with a group of kids they have just met, besides HC, at the behest of an adult with a loud hailer must have seemed mindless and pointless to them.

The boys headed for the stream.

As we waded in the cool water, enjoyed the feel of the smooth rocks under our feet, the familiar tune of 'Chicken Dance' invaded our tranquil sanctum.

JY baked and decorated the 'Polar Express' birthday cake.

One boy appreciated her cake so much he wolfed down 3 of her fondant train carriages.

The log bridge was a favourite with the kids. Some butt-scooted across. Others balanced their way over, tightwalk style. The stream could be dammed up till the water was chest-high. I can imagine the young and the young-at-heart doing a backflip into the water from the log.

The campsite was a perfect place for a gathering.

A few parents who had placed their kids into an international schools were lamenting about the dismal state the school was in.

One of the parents thought that service learning in schools such as building toilets in Third World countries was what he had envisioned his child would be doing in his school and another was disappointed that her child was starting to rudely answer back.

It has been some time since I have heard complains about the school system and the problems of socializing with the wrong crowd.

I was pulled into the discussion by HC's dad and JY was interrogated by the parents.

It is easy to complain about the school system but not many are willing get out of the system and take the challenge of teaching their own.

Through homeschooling, your child could be collaborating with other homeschoolers from around the region or the world using the internet to discuss and build toilets or libraries, if he chooses to do so.

The book "Dumbing Us Down" was mentioned. A good book that deals about the issues that schools, teachers and schoolkids face and how it is detrimental to the development of our kids.

The kids in their own world. Creating their own games with just their imagination and Mother Nature. And socializing certainly wasn't an issue, Fai and Han quickly cliqued with the rest of the kids. Happily joining in with whatever that was cooked up.

Ean sploshing paint. It was very thoughtful of HC's mom to set up a painting table, vegetarian food, an array of dishes that could feed an army, waterguns, bubbles, sugar-free drinks...this woman had immaculate planning. The face says it all. We had fun.

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