Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starfish 20March2011

I was adamant. I simply had to spot a starfish. Previous attempts were futile.
Dear Hubby would stroll by and say "Didn't you spot any? There's one here, one here and another there." I had enough of him. I just got to find me one!
So one day when Dear Hubby was busy with the installing of window frames etc, I seized the opportunity to go starfish hunting with the boys and leave hubby home.
Sure enough, the tide went down really low, I had a feeling that today could be it, me, spotting my first starfish.
I had high hopes.
I dashed to the waters edge, scanning the sand, walking ever so slowly. Just as I was about to give up, I spotted something bright yellow. When I looked closer, there was a starfish with its arms turned up as if it was waving at me and yelling "Look here, Look here!"
And then I heard a high pitch whistle, when I glance up there was a huge group of raptors soaring on the thermals. Picture perfect!

It was a good day.
Spotted lots of different seagrass in a rainbow of colours and shapes.

Very low tide.
Most of the shoreline was exposed which made it ideal for spotting sea creatures and seagrass. The tide doesn't go this low all the time. I need to read up on tidal charts, so that I can predict the next one.

Fai examining the starfish's underbelly and tube feet.

Saying goodbye to the starfish.

Starfish gliding towards Fai's hand. we could see the tube feet extending out and propelling itself forward.

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