Friday, March 18, 2011

Museum Orang Asli 10March2011

Would I be too ambitious to attempt building this during the September camp in Earth Camp?
The camp in Earth camp is on! JY and I are very excited about it and I am now thinking of activities to slot in for the younger kids who can't go white water rafting with the teenagers.
Bamboo art, musical instruments from bamboo, many ideas from this museum.

At last Fai got to hear the tale of Harimau Berantai again.

From this roughly hewn log to this work of art.

Products from the jungle.
Many of which we came across in handicraft shops in Miri. It is uncanny how the Orang Asli crafts in Sarawak and in Peninsular Malaysia are so similar, such as the woven mats and baskets.

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