Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pumpkin Harvest @ Melaka

PohPoh and KongKong got a call at 8am from the middleman "I will be coming to collect the pumpkins at 5pm today!"
So we rushed down to Melaka to experience pumpkin harvesting.
By the time we arrived, the pumpkins had already been placed in piles along the dirt road.
Ean helping to put the pumpkin into a bag. For ease of weighing and collection, the pumpkins were put into sacks.
Fai found parts of a male and female flower.
Fai collecting plants to plant at home
This plant caught Han's fancy. He dug it out and placed in a black planting bag.
Fai's pet millipedes
Pumpkins that were ready for harvest had a dull orange hue.

Unripe pumpkin was green and had a shiny sheen.
The boys could easily identify ripe pumpkins by the end of the day.
Something interesting there, boys?
PohPoh bonding with Ean over pumpkins
Pumpkins ready for collection
The pumpkins were weighed and thrown to the back of a lorry.

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