Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cherok Tok Kun @ Bukit Mertajam 21 June 2013

 After a few days in the bustling streets of Penang, we went over to Bukit Mertajam for some tranquility.
As it was a weekday we had the place to ourselves.
 Sand and water play
 Exploring the hill.
The kids made camp, played out stories they created and were in a world of their own.

 A nice tea house by the stream with tables set under shady trees. I thought the place was simply delightful
 I don't think I enjoyed sweet potato as much as I did that day. 

 We had rose tea
  Yam cha!
Then it was back to the jungle

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And the first prize goes to..... (ICCA Mother's Day Cake Competition 2013)

I loved it and was thrilled to bits when you thanked me, JY :))

Learning points for JY:
  • Certificates have a tendency to disappear. Keeping them with meticulously neat and tidy Papa is a must...that is, if you can find them.
  • Running around looking for lost items at the eleventh hour is never fruitful. Especially at an hour I would rather spend in bed.
  • Always ensure Papa's T5 is in tiptop condition so that you can make PD to Giza in 1 hour, so that your cakes do not get disqualified for being late.
  • Jumping on stage in a short skirt is a tad tricky

    Btw, it was the best Mother's Day ever.

Finicky Fickle Lovable teenage gal

She's back to caking.
Who would have thought.
She swore off caking not too long back when she was faced with disappointment after a nonmaterialised promise from a highly regarded mentor. she didn't know what to do next, neither did I. So she poured her creative energy into others artsy stuff like sketching. She sketched and painted, and never neared a piping bag. Her cake studio was sadly neglected for months.
Until early this year when she suddenly decided to compete in the third ICCA cake competition.
Ummm...didn't you say you would NEVER enter another?
I guess, never doesn't necessarily mean forever to this 15 year old
 Here CheChe try this tip
Meme enjoys wondering around Cheche's room and Cheche is gracious enough to let her mess it up while exploring.
 Roses drying
 Piping bags filled and ready to squirt.
 JY had to dig up her Wilton Method manuals as judging is based on this particular method. The Wilton way isn't particularly difficult. After some show how, Fai can make a perfect Wilton rose and JY is convinced he will be able to pass Wilton 1 with ease.
This time around she can't Wow the judges with her more elaborate flowers. So she has to be creative with these cute little ones.
I love the abundance of flowers on the bottom tier. The white on white of the middle tier. And best of all, the eye-catching MOM right in the centre :)
This cake was completed in a harrowing, nail biting, tense, drama-filled 7 days. It rained , no, more like stormed daily as she was preparing the flowers. Let me tell you something, fondant does not work well in tropical climates. I had to keep my apprehension in check, my emotions at bay and leave her with the opportunity to have a learning experience.
Here's what happened. She completed the cake, packed it up into a box with a cannister of dehumidifier and left her cake behind in PD as she prepared for her graduation ceremony with Amber Chia Academy in KL.
She came back after 2 days, ran to the cake studio only to find that her flowers had wilted under the humidity.
She was inconsolable. she couldn't sleep that night.
But the very next day, she showed that no storm will get her down for long. She redid the wilted flowers and restored the cake.
This cake is just so sweet and pretty.
I didn't see much of her for the 2 days she marooned herself in her studio. She came out occasionally for food, down load more songs onto her phone and she was gone. This cake is all piping and she says she did so much piping in 2 days, the piping bag now feels like a permanent extension of her hands.