Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Timber Galore! Eastwood Valley GCC @Miri 3March2003

We had to find a place to bunk for the night in Miri and decided upon a resort that was nearest to the airport as we had an early morning flight to Mulu.
Well, second nearest, the budget inn that was a mere 5 minute walk away had spooky reviews and it didn't help that we were watching a thriller as I was doing the bookings.
There wasn't much reviews on Eastwood Valley but it was the cheapest and I was satisfied with the 2 double beds in the unit that could fit in my brood comfortably.
The taxi to the resort costs RM22.
Upon check in, we were driven on a golf buggy to our unit.
Everything was built using timber.
Timber walkways, railings, walls, floor boards...


What caught our breathe was the immense halls with wooden flooring. The hall was so huge that we couldn't see the end of it.
Beyond the covered area was an open deck, also made entirely out of timber.

The swimming pool must have been at least a hundred metres in length.

The side view of the swimming pool. It stretches from the first pillar right to the very end.
I was amazed at the amount of timber used in the construction of this place.
Everything was enormous. If you need help in thinking BIG, give this place a visit.

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