Friday, December 24, 2010

Lichen @ Gentings

Ean examining an orange flower.
I need to upload Botany 101 into my brain (think Matrix).
I need a guide book on the flowers, trees and weeds of Malaysia.
I need a botanist with me.
JY has an obsession with flowers since she started making gum paste flowers.
She would look at its petals, pistils, stamen, comment on its colour, petal formation and the fact that it looks like a gum paste flower...
When your child looks at a flower. What do you say?

Ean prodding moss growing on the road.
My boys caught on on my sudden moss attack and Fai excitedly pointed at the moss on the road and said "Look mummy, Moss! Moss! Moss!"

No need to go to Mossy Forest to look at moss.
Look at the variety of moss and lichen on this tree trunk.

Ean taking a closer look at lichen.
Looks like a flat cabbage to me and a flat fuschia to JY.
I didn't know there was such a thing as lichenology. Interesting.
Lichen is sensitive to air pollution. By the amount of lichen growing, air quality here must be great.
This lichen site is easy to understand. I will definitely do a project on lichen with the kids on my next visit.

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