Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day out in PJ 7 Dec 2010

It was a lovely cloudy afternoon and the boys were restless at home. JY was busy in the kitchen baking up a storm. So I took the boys to Taman Jaya.

Climbing web and shark swing.

Fai at the picnic bench drawing a sketch of the park.

Ean watching 2 boys playing badminton.

This man was busy picking up saga seeds. The boys picked up a few themselves. Bright red in colour, they are easy to spot.
When on a nature walkabout with Gary in FRIM, he mentioned that the insides of the saga seeds were poisonous. I did a search and indeed they are poisonous. I guess the general rule of anything that is brightly coloured in nature is poisonous.

The beautiful saga tree. Bird's nest ferns and wild orchids were growing on its trunk.

Lots of kerengga (weaver ants) on the saga tree. They can inflict a painful bite so be keep a watch out for them.
After the park, we headed to PJ Old Town.

Han's sandal strap snapped when we were on a nature walk in FRIM. We finally found the time to stop by at the five foot way cobbler in PJ Old town. These cobblers would sit outside the row of shop on stools waiting for customers to drop by with their array of tools on display. The boys watched intently as he showed off his craftmanship. The cost for sewing the strap back on was RM1.

We walked along the rows of shops and admired the wares on display.

Before going for the tree planting project in Raja Muda, I had a hard time looking for little rubber boots for the boys. Here they are lined up in a row just a 5 minute drive from my house.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking for Wellington Boots online and saw it on your blog. Is the shop located at PJ Old Town?

Stick Man said...

Yes, it can be found in PJ Old Town, the row off shops directly behind Watsons/Secret Recipe

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Found it :)