Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An unplanned day 22Dec2010

It was supposed to be a short trip to Hartamas to get JY her edible dusts from ICCA and then to the stationery shop in PJ Old Town. Just as I turned out of Hartamas I asked "Who wants to go to the Science Centre?"
Han immediately said "ME!"
Fai : Yes, me too
JY: NO!!!!
Me: Now it's up to Ean...
JY: Ean say no. Please say No
Ean: Yes
Jy: Awwwww
The boys: Hoooray!
3 against 1.

The parking lot was full. Cars were parked by the hill slopes. I told the boys that I couldn't find a parking spot and was about to head home when I spotted lots of parking space next to the Securities Commision building.
Big shady trees. Empty parking lot. How lovely.

The bridge linking the parking lot to the Science Centre.

View of the bushy dinosaurs from the pedestrian bridge.
Ean stood still, mesmerised by the dinosaurs.
Han:Look dinosaur footprints! That's why I wanted to come here. I love this place!
We went for a closer look.
Ean insisted on feeding the dinosaurs with imaginary food.
I took small slow steps, allowing my kids the freedom to explore. I was amazed at how much they seemed to enjoy this part of the centre.

Rock music.

The place was full.
Entry to the science centre was free.
Han was not keen to go for the DinoAlive Exhibit, he just wanted to see the fish.
The ticketing lady told us to walk around and decide later.
Viewing mechanized dinosaurs that emit thundering roars is not something I would willingly pay for (I made the mistake once) and I was rather glad my kids were happy to skip it.

I like this...seeing the beam of light refract as it passes through the convex lens. There were 3 panels.
1st panel: passing light through fibre optics. Too bad it wasn't working though.
2nd panel: reflecting light using a convex mirror and 2 parellal mirrors
3rd panel: convex and concave lenses
Nice for a physics lesson on light.

Next time I will bring a stopwatch to calculate the speed of sound....Hit the rubber drum, start stopwatch, wait for the giant sequins to tinkle as it is hit by the soundwaves, stop stopwatch.
Measure distance.
Calculate speed. Oh, bring a measuring tape as well.
I love physics.
Interesting to teach and learn, lots of movement involved.

Air pressure at work. Nice toy.
The exhibits on Biology and Chemistry were rather disappointing. Most were under maintainance. Chemistry was just a Periodic Table next to some crytals.
The moment we got into the car, Fai asked "Do you know the way home?"
I have a tendency to get lost and my kids never fail to remind me.
I said" Not really but if we get lost wouldn't that be a great adventure?"
We stopped by PJ Old town for some florist tape and art supplies before heading home.

JY's couldn't wait to dust her petals.
She says she loves dusting and the feeling of accomplishment she gets.
She always says I should really try it one day.
Well, one day day....

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