Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Karen Cuppy Cake's cake booth @ Shangri-la, KL Day 1 10Dec2010

After a week of baking and preparing decorations and icing, JY packed her mini cakes and cupcakes, dressed into our beach wear since it was a 'Hawaii' themed night and headed for Shangri-la hotel in the heart of KL.
The Ballroom was a hive of activity.
We quickly unloaded and went about displaying JY's cakes on the vendor's table.

Swathy (our neighbour) came to give a helping hand. She was put in charge of the accounts - handling the cash.

The dummy cake on the left was from her Wilton Course 3 graduation. She took off the last tier, added in a few more roses and did a bit of touch up to the leaves and borders. It was eye-catching and quite a few ladies came to take a closer look to marvel at her artistry.

We were informed that the South Korean president, Lee Myung-bak was in our midst. The foyer outside the ballroom was filled with Koreans in black suits and security was tight. We had to go through an airport-like scanner at the main entrance of the hotel. The cakes had to be put on the conveyer belt and x-rayed.

The boys were restless and the crowd made them uneasy. So I whisked them off to the hotel lobby in search of food and entertainment.
We found a lovely bakery and a wonderful maze in the courtyard.

This setting of pies and greenery reminded me of Perth. If only the mosquitoes had left us alone, this place would have been perfect.

Gingerbread house XMas tree.
*photo by Fai*
Fai and I built this keep cut out from a book bought at the big Bad wolf sale for RM3 by the koi pond while Ean and Han did a nature hunt and came running back with bread fruits and an assortment of leaves.
It was a short first day. We were there for about 3 hours.
We had to conserve some energy as more baking had to be done when we got back home.

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