Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting anew 2011

First my eldest brother from DJaya to SAlam then my sister to DDamai then me to PD and now....the biggest parents from their dream retirement farm aka Kebun in Karak to....Raub.

Kebun was my parents' dream.
Get a plot of land, build a wooden kampung house, plant a few fruit trees, dig a few fish ponds, rear a couple of chickens then live an iddylic life away from the hustle bustle of the city.
Create a place where their kids and grandkids can 'balik kampung'.
That was more than 10 years ago, now with the Karak Highway at their footsteps and bogged down with the upkeep of the farm, my mom had been contemplating getting an apartment.....Horrors!
Then the unexpected happened...all in one day, a swift decision was made.... after a few phone calls they have decided to give up their land for another piece of land next to a forest reserve in Raub. Hilly terrain with a clear water stream running through it. Accessible only by 4WD.
Once again they will have their Kebun of yesteryears back. Back when gibbons and hornbills could be seen from their verendah in the early mornings and evenings. Instead of the constant zooming of trucks and lorries on the highway.

Now mom plans to build a small stone cottage. No wood, too much termites says dad.
2 rooms only for 1 staying guest and a big deck for anyone else to pitch their tents.
No fruits trees or fish ponds to look after.
Age is catching up they say.

My parents seemed rejuvenated after their decision.

My mom went through my home library and got out a stack of books on decks, lawns, vacation homes and the like.

She said that there is nothing like a fresh start.
Starting on a clean slate.
To be able to dream and create once again.

My sentiments exactly.

I love moving. I have been nomadic all my live, more so after getting married and working in Singapore.
Never stayed in one place for more than 5 years.
It is just so refreshing, getting rid of the old, packing only the essentials and starting all over.
Letting go might be an issue for the boys. Sure it is hard to leave a place that holds treasured memories but a new day beckons, new challenges to conquer, new adventures, the excitement of not knowing what to expect....c'mon let's go!

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