Monday, December 20, 2010

PD Wildlife 17-19Dec2010

The beach that we frequent in Port Dickson is the last stretch of natural beach left untouched by development.
We love the place for its rocky shores that houses a myriad of creatures. We have come across little eels and octopuses under the stones. Mudskippers and hermit crabs are commonly seen along the shore line.

While the bigger kids donned their lifevests and swam at sea(It's monsoon season, one can never be too careful), I had some time to observe nature with Ean.
I have no idea what this is.
Let me check with my resident entomologist......K says they are obviously termites.He says he will quit his job if he is proven wrong! Haha
Ean waited for it to emerge from its hole and he greeted it with a "Hello!"

We saw some froth on a tree. Looks unusual.
Seems to be a protective cover for the nymphs of spitbugs. I will keep an eye out for the spitbugs next time I am there.

The following day, the boys didn't feel like going out to sea and we explored the mangrove at lowtide.
The pencil roots of a mangrove tree.

Little snail.

Rock crabs.
Boys looking for hidden gems.

We went back to the sandy shore to dig for small clams, commonly called lala or siput(in hokkien)
Found a really tiny one.

What do you see? Anything catches your fancy?

A king crab(also known as horsehoe crab)hauled in by the fishermen. JY and Caryn released it back into the sea.


Agnes Valentine said...

Hi! I am planning to go to Port Dickson for landscape photography and is interested to go to this rocky beach. Which area in PD is this rocky beach located? Thanks a lot for your kind help!


Stick Man said...

Hi Agnes,
The beach is at Pantai Dickson,
12thmile Jln Pantai