Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to do @ IKANO

JY was eager to complete her figurine.
So it was another day out in Ikano for me and the boys. After a quick snack of hot dogs, curry puffs and ice cream from the IKEA kiosk, Fai and Han signed in for an hour of play in Smaland.

After settling JY in her clay class, Ean and I went to Pet Safari - a large pet store. It is well stocked, well kept and a nice place to introduce little ones to animals.

Ean couldn't resist these hamsters.

White guinea pigs have red eyes.

A few small frozen mice as a meal for the snake.
Ean kept asking "What's that?" and "What sound?" as we walked through the store. He was very inquisitive and enjoyed saying out the names of the animals that he knew.
I spent an hour there, enjoying Ean's company.

After their hour at Smaland was up, the boys tried top spinning with a little assistance. It took a few tries but Fai mastered the technique eventually. Han couldn't quite get it and wandered off to the WWF figurines instead.
JY completed her figurine and started on her second one within 2 hours.
I think I will head over to eCurve the next time I am there.

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