Thursday, December 16, 2010

Autistic Savant @ Matic 12 Dec 2010

After we packed up and bid farewell to Shangri-la, we headed to MaTic located at Jalan Ampang.

Ping Lian at work. He was given a postcard to copy out and paint. Totally oblivious to the crowd around his table, he hummed and clicked his tongue to an inner rhythm.
Fai stood quietly by the table as Ping Lian went about painting his artpiece.

Here is one of his finished works. Very detailed piece of art.

Some of his oil paintings on display.
They are for sale. The prints are about RM1K and originals will set you back about RM20K upwards.

One of the more popular ones. Done when Ping Lian was 12 years old.

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