Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 3 Camerons 21 Aug 2010

My photos are in a bit of a mix up again.

So for Day 3 I am gonna start with a gem of a stall in Tringkap. We parked along the main road and I happened to spot a stall hidden from view. We needed to use the loo badly, so this shop was chosen. The wantan was stuffed with lots of succelent morsels of prawn and minced meat and the wantan skin was translucent and my dad gave its kopi two thumbs up.

From then on, no other coffee was good enough, coffee from other shops paled in comparison. So if you are in need of a good Kopi Kaw, head for Tringkap

I didn't expect the kids to have such a good time at Time Tunnel Museum. They role-played and became cooks, kopi tiam patrons, waiters...they spent at least 30 minutes on this section. Fai took lots of pictures such as the one on the left before leaving because he wants the same thing at home.

They don't make pedal cars like they used to. I love the green Vespa. The attention to detail is amazing.

A few years back, Kent and I were reminiscing about Kalkitos. And what do you know, there was a display case on it. Aaaaah! Memories!

We left for Mossy Forest at about 8.30am. This is the condition of the road leading up to the forest and Gunung Brinchang.

Steps leading into the Mossy Forest. There were no signboards. So the moment you come to a clearing with this wooden steps - You have arrived!

The kids were beside themselves with excitement as we made our way up the stairs. It was freezing cold, my fingers were getting numb from the chilly air.
and the view was magnificent. Undulating mountains, mossy trees, pitcher plants....just lovely.

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