Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunway Lagoon 2 Dec 2010

JY made plans with her cousins for a trip to Sunway Lagoon. Although it was a weekday, I wasn't looking forward to the schoolkids on the long year-end break. I was surprised that at 11am there wasn't much of a crowd and we breezed through the payment counter in minutes.

No food and drinks are allowed. Empty water tumblers can be brought in, to be filled at the water coolers inside the park. Bags are unzipped and scrutinized.

We would usually keep the spinning rides for last - to dry off our dripping wet hair perhaps? Ean and Han would only go for this pterodactyl ride. The other rides are more suited for the older kids. Fai however is game for anything and would follow his che-che to all the rides.

Sunway Lagoon used to be a disused mining pool and we had to travel down 3 levels of escalators to the water park.

Kiddie water play.
Ean looks on as Han takes finally mustered the courage to try out the slides. Once he started there was no stopping him and ventured to the higher and twisty slides.

The wave pool is a favourite of theirs.

The three boys contemplating The Bucket! There is usually a crowd gathered below waiting for the gush of water to plummet them. After witnessing this dozens of times, Fai just had to try it out himself. There he sits cross-legged with his eyes covered waiting with trepidation.

Caryn rented a tube for RM30 (RM15 refundable deposit + RM15 rental) and the boys had a good time playing water taxi.
Fai having longer legs would walk out, Flintstone style, to deeper waters and the waves would push them back to shore.

School holiday crowd vs peaceful playtime on a schoolday.
One of the advantages of homeschooling :)
We headed for the petting zoo after spending 3 hours at the water park.

Han trying to scoop out some fish from the pool.
Han tried coaxing the tortoise to eat his kangkung but since it didn't respond, he fed the eagerly awaiting rabbits instead. It must be hard being slow and having cute, fluffy rabbits as competition.

Being the only children around, Han and Fai were given endless supply of kangkung to feed the animals.

These 2 head butting goats reminded me of Fai and Han.

A caged animal is never a pretty sight.

The suspension bridge spans 428m and leads you from the spinning teacups to the ATV (all-terrain vehicles) and paintball shooting gallery. The bridge is rather steady and doesn't sway and bounce with each footstep, unlike the suspension bridge in FRIM. However being able to see through the gaps on the floorboards and with just a netting to stop you from falling off the bridge made me rather queasy.

After 6 hours of non-stop fun, the kids were worn out. Han said he couldn't walk another step due to scratches on his foot, so he tearfully persuaded Christopher to give him a piggy back all the way out.

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