Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Karen Cuppy Cake booth @ Shangri-la Day 3, 12 dec2010

Last day for JY in Shangri-la. She set her alarm at 5.30am and made a few batches of buttercream as I snoozed in bed. I got up in time to wash up after her and watched her as she packed the buttercream into the piping bags.
Her dad was exhausted after a night of Elvis Presley songs performed by Scot Bruce and we had a hard time coaxing him into the car.
I had the opportunity to see Scot Bruce in action during his warm-up session and he was amazing! Ean was impressed too and was happy to see them jamming on stage.
The boys were up and about as I told them they would be left behind if they were too tired too come along. So Han bounced up the moment I said it was time to get up.
With bleary eyes, I participated in the spouses' programme. Cooking with a Shangri-la chef. He was preparing penne with seafood cream sauce.

Han and Fai took great interest in this. Saute the onions in olive oil, pour in cream. Boil on low heat until it reduces by half. Pour in a handful of parmesan, blend and then add in chopped chives and you are done.

The cream sauce was blended for a creamier texture.
Penne cooked al dente. Soak in salted ice water to keep the pasta al dente if not planning to eat immediately .
The rest quizzed the chef mercilessly for an hour or so after that brief demo. They were especially interested in the Thai Chicken Chop, supposedly famous in Shangri-la.

Ean's breakfast.

After lunch, it was a hand and foot spa hands-on.
We got to use creams, foams, exfoliating loofah bits. It was like having a public bath, fully clothed.
Ean had a good time playing with foamy water.
Fai and Han didn't join me as they were too busy being chased by a friendly and playful Rotarian.
We are proud of JY's achievements. She did most of the planning, baking, decorating herself this time around.
No significant hitches except we could have done better with more marketing. Quite a people commented that didn't know we were there until they saw people walking around with cupcakes in their hands.

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