Monday, December 20, 2010

more on PD

My dad and his older brother.
Two sea cowboys in a kayak out for a fishing expedition.
My dad held on to the fishing net while my uncle paddled out.
JY and Caryn had a go at the kayak after they had set the nets.
JY got her rowing skills in Sunway Lagoon where she had to row really fast to get away from an Arapaima.
Fai was with her in Sunway that time and scared them out of their wits when they saw the rippling water heading their way (think Nessie).
After relating this to their Pa, he looked at them and said "Didn't you know Arapaima can leap out of water to catch their prey as well?"
That gave them the shivers.

The sea was choppy that day. Ideal for extreme kayaking.
She loved it when the kayak came crashing down when she went against the waves.

Fai showing Han how to tie the life vest.
The table on the right is a mahjong cum carom cum pingpong table.
Ean would use the paddle to push the balls into the 4 holes.
I am waiting to move in before I go looking for a pingpong table.

From Serendah to Port Dickson.
Thanks for the boat, kayak, nets and life jackets lovely people in Serendah!

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