Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends of Kapar 5 Dec 2010

This was a joint project between Friends of Kapar and the Rotary Club of Melawati. RC Metro KL tagged along, I came too to see this organisation in action.

All schoolgoing kids from Primary 1 to Secondary 5 were given schoolbags, shoes and uniforms. These were kids from hardcore poor families in and around Kapar.

Ladies dishing out rice, curry chicken and vegetables.

The massive crowd.
The lady in purple on the left had a paraplegic son. She fed him patiently as he lay on her lap. It was a heartrending sight.
The project was well organised, the children were well behaved and being there gave me much food for thought.
This reminds me of Sai Ananda in Batu Caves. The kids there were amazingly gracious, polite and well mannered. The methods used here in developing and moulding the characters of the kids in their care should be emulated.
I think I should pay them another visit.

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