Monday, December 20, 2010

PJ Community Library

I love libraries and nothing gives me greater pleasure than spending half a day with my kids in one.

The PJ community library would organise activities kids during the school holidays.
If only they would have storytelling sessions instead of sandart.

The kids section is located on the ground floor.
JY used to spend time with me and the boys in this section.
Over the years she has progressed from Enid Blyton's Enchanted Forest and Malory Towers to Harry Porter and Princess Diaries.
These days she would help me return the books, leave the library bag with me and inform me she would be at her usual floors and zoom off.
Now she looks for Darren Shan, Ellen Schreiber, Cake decorating and clay sculpting books.

The boys would head for the redspot section, choose their favourite 'Read Only' books and wait for me to read to them.
"We can't take them home, right mommy? So we must read ALL of them here! "

Ean found his favourite - Barney!

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