Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Karen Cuppy Cake booth Day 2 @Shangri-la KL 11Dec2010

JY was still busy preparing until 2am, ensuring everything is up to mark. Caryn slept over and she would be with JY for day 2 @ Shangri-la. I woke the girls up at 6.30am and was out the door by 8am. We didn't want to miss the free buffet spread that was waiting for us.
Buttery croissants stuffed with lettuce, tomato and ham, Boxing chicken, fried wantan...Yum!

A Rotarian contemplating the cakes.
The highlight of the day was meeting IYE exchange student, Machika. She stays with her host family in Temerloh and has been in Malaysia for 3 months. She came not speaking a single word of English and can now speak pretty fluently. She is such a fast learner. She attends a Malay national school in Temerloh and is in Form 4. She told JY that school in Japan is full of fun and she looks forward to school everyday although school lasts 12 hours daily!
I must quiz her about this when I meet her next.
JY says she speaks like Japanese Anime. She is simply adorable.
I have put in a request to host her for a week or two. I hope RC Temerloh grants my request. Fingers crossed.
Last year we had Nikita from India with us for 2 days and we had a blast with her. Taking her on a whirlwind tour of Port Dickson and KL. JY did baking and cupcake decorating with her as well.

Kent signed me up for the Spouses' Programme. Oh boy!
Make-up! How to clean your face, moisturise properly, apply foundation blah, blah..
Ean was with me. Here he is examining a brush.

Here he is putting on foundation. I think he learnt more than I did. Through out the workshop I felt like I was all thumbs. My mascara was smudgy, my foundation patchy....this is hard work. I couldn't get the hang of it.

A photographer couldn't resist his charms and took a few snaps of him.
I came out of the workshop with smoky eyes and red lips and smooth flawless skin.
4 hours to get that effect.
1 hour to take everything off!
5 hours of my life gone. Poof!

I am hopeless with directions. So Kent drew out a map for me on a piece of paper napkin.From Shangri-la to Parliament with another piece to Federal Highway. JY was the navigator and Ean's entertainer.
After 10 minutes of leaving the hotel , I took a wrong turn and I found myself in front of the Weld.
Can throw the map away.
Now it was live feed directions using the handphone. It is useful having a husband with built in GPS.
We got stuck in the Saturday crawl in front of Sungei Wang Plaza.
Ean was busy entertaining JY with stories of elephants falling off trees and big fishes on the road. He was hilarious.
We got home in 1 hour.


Karen Cuppy Cake said...

Stay away from me you VAMPIRE! Arggghhhh! Runs away*

Unschooling Malaysia said...

Oh yes...JY took one look at me and said that I looked like a Vampire..heheheheh