Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weaving with Nipah leaves @ Pulau Carey 11thJune2011

After lunch at a riverside restaurant, we headed back to the village for a session on weaving. While waiting for the lesson to begin, the kids had some fun time teasing the cats with nipah fronds.
Not all the adults joined the weaving session, most of the fathers made a beeline for the woodcarving bench, intent on finishing off their project.
Weaving a bird from Nipah fronds is harder than it looks. Loops to make and pushing the leaves to the left and over the top and then folding over....and you have a bird!
The midrib of the leaf was removed and was later used as a holder for the bird.
Getting pointers on how to make a loop.
JY couldn't figure out how anyone can come up with such intricate steps.

Fai joined in when he saw the other kids playing with their woven fish and birds.
A wonderful learning experience with the Orang Asli for the kids and parents alike.

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