Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Lunge 1stJuly 2011

Our first time at a horse ranch. We came upclose with beautiful horses and playful dogs.
Fai feeding Norma, a 6 month old foal.
The kids were encouraged to feed the horses with carrots and long Napier grass that is used as high protein fodder feed for horses and sheep.
First up was JY. She was told to sit up straight, and put her heels down in the stirrups. She was taught the rising trot that required her bump up with the rhythm of the horse's trot, instead of getting bounced around on the saddle.

Then Han.
The smile on his face was priceless when he got up on King. His feet couldn't reach the stirrups, so they were placed in a loop above the stirrups. Han was taught the rising trot too. He was also taught how to stop the horse by twitching his fingers slightly so that the reins are pulled. The sense of satisfaction he must have felt as he gained control over a horse weighing half a ton.
Ean hanging around and peering at hungry nestlings waiting for their next meal.
Fai on King.
Fai could reach the stirrups and was raring to go as he had to wait patiently for his turn.
Fai obviously had a great time.

Getting words of encouragement from Zarina and Nazlan.
It was a very successful first lunge. The kids loved riding King and had no qualms being 5 feet off the ground. We signed up for lessons and was asked to come again the very next day.

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