Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our vegetable patch with sweet potato leaves and sweetcorn
I scattered a few seeds around and forgot which went where, so I can't tell what's growing,
A stray brinjal plant that was discovered when DH cleared the garden.
Han found a germinating seed under a tree and decided to plant it.
Han's tree planting project
This is either pumpkin or watermelon. These seedlings were found growing in the middle of the compost heap.
Fai and his Dad going around the neighbourhood looking for plants.
Our Alamanda and Hibiscus plants were acquired the same way. Now we are on a lookout for Frangipani.

Fai busy dissecting a honeysuckle flower, looking for nectar.
DH found a Frangipani tree with a broken branch, which was a good thing as he didn't have to think of a way to cut the thick branch. It had a lovely pink flowers and large, broad leaves, so to the back of the bicycle it went.
Now the planting begins.

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