Friday, July 22, 2011

Sg Tekala, Hulu Langat 16thJuly2011

We dropped by Hutan Lipur Sungai Tekala because DH had oversee his technicians at work.
The kids got to see their father's workmen get ready ready.

It was a beautiful late morning, with streams of sunlight peaking out from between the foliage. Many picnickers, most ready with a satay stand and charcoal to barbecue their marinated chicken and fish. The smell wafting around from all directions made me really hungry.
Fai constructed a dam/fish trap
Han using chopsticks
Han needed help to lift a rock and Fai came to his aid.
Using all their might to lift it up onto a log.
Fai busy extending his fish trap while his brothers had Burger Ramli
A green lizard
From Sungai Tekala we took a drive to Semenyih Dam

It was very scenic.
Now to plan a camping trip...the kids can't wait :)

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