Saturday, July 2, 2011

Klinik Pergigian @ Pasir Panjang

It has been over a year since a visit to the dentist and the nearest dentist is the Klinik Pergigian in Pasir Panjang.
Parking was a breeze under shady trees. Not a soul was in sight.
The dental clinic was on the 1st floor. We were the only ones there. After registering the kids with some awkward moments when they asked what school they were in - we said we had just moved to PD and had yet to register the kids in any school. We will find out how they take to homeschooling in our next visit.
A senior citizen came after us and she was attended to before us. We didn't make the list of 'priority' patients.
The waiting room was decorated in cheerful tones and a tv showing Spongebob dubbed in Malay.
We didn't have to wait long.
Price list for dental procedures.
The staff nurse that attended to the kids was patient and clearly experienced in handling kids. The boys were put at ease immediately by her calm demeanor.
We later found out that the dental team will go on school rounds on tuesdays, hence they seldom see school kids at the clinic.
JY had her teeth scaled. Han and Fai had cavities filled in. Ean was adviced not to brush with toothpaste as the fluoride content has corroded his teeth.
When I went to the counter to make payment, I was told that schoolkids were free of charge. What would have normally set me back by at least RM200, was free, how delightful. Staying in the outskirts of town does seem to have some advantages.

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