Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Machika flies home! We will miss you!

After a year as an exchange student in Malaysia, it was time for Machika to return to Tokyo.
We met up with Machika and her host from the Rotary Club of Temerloh at KLIA.
She over packed by 10kg and was asked to pay RM400 for the extra load, luckily the ground crew allowed an additional load of 5kg with no additional charges after some persuasion. The rest will be couriered to her.
We had an hour with Machika before her flight
Machika's fully decorated blazer from exchange students around the world.
JY putting graffiti on Machika's t-shirt
Fai's turn
Han got her sleeve
Ean wanted a final smooch
Apart from speaking fluently in English, Machika can now speak a little Malay and Tamil as well as sing Tamil songs. She said it took her a month to adapt to the food in Malaysia, purging daily but now, she can yell "teh o limau, tosai satu" with the best of us. She simply loves mutton curry and teh tarik and was horrified to learn that it contained 100 calories.
She was always ready with a smile, eager to learn and was just wonderful to be with.
Han waving Machika off at the gate.


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