Saturday, July 23, 2011

Discovering PSN 21stJuly2011

Push and pull to levers to move the train. Ean was delighted see a blue train, just like Thomas and it had tracks too.
Fai and Han went to assist a damsel in distress who had trouble moving the stiff levers. Fai shifted the levers for her and Han pushed from behind.
From then on, Han became the official train pusher.
The kids' favourite
See the indentation you made on the other side.
It was so much fun.
Giant keyboard
Monkeying around with Bernoulli's principle.
Marvellous playground
Move around pipes and hoses to get a ball from one end to another

Hall of mirrors.
There was even a mirror and glass maze. The maze would have been difficult to get out of, too bad the glass panels were blemished with a lot of fingerprints

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