Friday, July 15, 2011

Horse Bathing

The boys were eager to bathe the horses, so we went after dinner. The horses take bath at about 7pm.
The moment the tap was turned on, Han went "Whoa! What kind of water is that?!"
It turns out that the brown, murky water is pumped out from an underground source to save on their water bill. The water was clear after a few minutes.

Han gave a few quick, hesitant scrubs and said that he didn't want to get wet. He ran off with Fai to play at the sheep's enclosure - running up and down the ramps amidst the bleating of the hungry sheep waiting for dinner.
The brush that was used.
Washing the horse's leg and hoof
Half-way through Zarina came to check on the horse's heartbeat. She said anything below 60 beats a minute is good.
After a thorough scrubbing with the brush, shampoo poured onto the horse an another round of scrubbing followed.

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