Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fun with Air @PSN 21stJuly2011

Another science day at PSN. We were there to make 3 toys that demonstrated aerodynamics and resistance in air

Toy1: UFO
Take a paper plate, fold into quarter, cut a slits
Continue cutting till there are 4 cross sections. Then fold up to get a UFO
UFO is done, now to make it fly
Throw like a frisbee. Watch it glide through the air.
Second toy: The hoopster made with 2 strips of cardboard and a straw. The yellow loop is half the diameter of the loop below.
The rest of the participants threw their hoopsters from the 3rd level and watched it spiral down to the floors below.
3rd toy: Parachute made from a square plastic sheet, 4 strings of equal length and a small piece of plasticine
Tie the 4 ends with string
Fold the plastic sheet into quarter, tie the ends of the strings together and stick the plasticine at the end

Fling the parachute into the air and watch it descend slowly to the ground.

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