Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day of Chess 24thJune2011

We were in Animasia, an animation studio to get a glimpse of how cartoons are created.
We were ushered into a theatrette to watch their animated cartoon 'Kaki Bola'. Fai brought his magnetic chess set and he and Arian played chess in the dark.
After the show, we went on a tour of the place. Walked up to the third floor and saw a room full of people seated in rows, pretty much like an internet gaming centre. Some were doing sketches, others the speech and soundtrack, another the animation sequence.
They were all hard at work preparing for the launch of their first 3D animation.
We were told the staff that they hired did not need any qualifications besides having the ability to draw.
After the short peek into the world of animators, the boys got back to playing chess.
Chess or was it Checkers over lunch
Chinese Chess at WL's
The 9month old crawler kept wanting to grab the chess pieces. After a few stolen pieces, the boys left the game to play Transformers and resumed the game when baby took an afternoon nap.

The boys surrounding themselves with Chess

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