Monday, July 25, 2011

Lunch by the beach

We didn't have a car, one was in the workshop, the other in Melaka. We hadn't gone marketing, so food was running low. In desperate times, we resort to being adventurous.
We packed our burner, pot, bowls and drinking water and headed for the beach. DH cycled to the village grocery shop for instant noodles and eggs and got ready to cook lunch.
It was a very windy day and the water took a long time to boil, so we started a fire.

With roaring flames, lunch was cooked in no time.
This was my lunch. Super 10, found only in PD and it is delicious. Creamy, gooey with a slight tinge of bitterness....simply heavenly.
After lunch, as the water receeded, we found hundreds of lala or soft clams. The 'kuaci of the sea'.
After a quick rinse, we boiled them in a bit of water and sprinkled in some seasoning.

Fai burning a couple of coconuts found by the shore. They gave off a lovely aroma.

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