Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Open Day at Taylor's College 28thJune2011

Taylor's College has opened their door to homeschoolers. Acceptance into their preU programmes is on a case by case basis. SATs or O-Levels are the usual prerequisites. O-levels need not be taken in one seating, there was a case where the student took O-levels in 2 separate seatings - 5 subjects each. If Malay is not one of the subjects taken, the student has to take 40hours of Malay.
I didn't get to hear much of what the people at Taylor's had to say as I had to entertain Ean in the Staff Lounge. Well, they did have a nice place for the staff to relax and unwind.
One parent came out from the Lecture Theater asking me what the conclusion of the talk was...ummmm.....
From what I heard, the lecturers were impressed with one homeschooler that took charge of his own learning, hounded his lecturers before lessons to grill them about the lessons held the previous day and became valedictorian for his year.
The kids had the opportunity to conduct a science experiment in the Chemistry Lab
The lecturer giving instructions.
The kids were excited to wear lab goggles and couldn't wait to get started.
JY did an experiment on calculating specific heat capacity. She was disappointed when she realised that there was little to do besides boiling water and taking the temperature.
The lab set up. Test tube holders, funnel and beakers under the bench.
The younger kids conducted an experiment that didn't require close proximity with a naked flame and bubbling steaming hot water.
Some gizmos - light bulb and meter
The younger kids measured the conductivity of sugar and baking soda
Using the thermometer and watching water boil. Safety goggles were ignored and left on the bench.

Burettes left to dry upside down.
It was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to see the insides of a science lab and experience a lab session for themselves.

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