Thursday, July 7, 2011

Homemade Spinach Noodle and Capati

No McDonald's, Pizza Hut or KFC when we need a quick lunch here in PD. The nearest thing to fastfood is Warong Kak Yah where we go to for Curry puffs and Nasi Goreng.
It has been mainly homecooked food since moving here.
We first tried spinach noodles in a little cafe in JayaOne and have wanted to try making it one day. So when we bought a pasta machine, the first item that JY wanted to roll out with her new toy was Bayam Noodles.
We searched through the web for the simplest recipe. The portion was rather small so JY decided to double the amount.
We used 2.5 cups of compressed spinach leaves. Fai tore the leaves up.
JY stirfried the bayam in 4 tablespoons of water till it was cooked
then blended the leaves with 2eggs, 1teaspoon salt
The blended mixture was poured into 2.5cups of flour and kneaded till it was smooth and pliable
After letting the dough rest for 20minutes, it was rolled out into thin sheets and was left to rest again, this time for 2 hours.
By this time the kids were very hungry.
Finally, the rested flat dough was put through the pasta machine again to get noodles. the noodles were a bit clumpy and sticky, so JY sprinkled more flour onto the sheets before the cutting process. Fai and Ean were enlisted to toss the noodles up in the air to avoid getting clumpy noodles.
the noodles were cooked in boiling water and then dipped into a basin of water
Lunch is served! The noodles in fish broth (leftover fried fish boiled for 2 hours with a few slices of ginger and crushed peppercorn) and some fried ikan bilis and sayur manis.
Later that day, Han insisted on making capati. He had observed Uncle Sony numerous times in preparing the dough and flipping the capati.
After pouring in the flour for him, Han estimated the amount of water required, the proceeded to knead the dough.
He showed me how it was done by pressing the dough down with his knuckles. He continued with this technique till he was satisfied with the results.
Then to roll out the small amounts of dough. Ean joined in too.
The capati came in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
No oil is used. Just a flat pan and high heat. The capati was allowed to cook on one side till it fluffed up then flip over.

Capati anyone?


AlohaMolly said...

The chapati looks great...can you share the recipe with me to try out with my kids too :)

Unschooling Malaysia said...

Han says "Atta flour and water. Then you mix it up then punch it down, then knead the dough.Done! Then cook"

It is real simple, no oil added too. The dough should feel a bit elastic and shouldn't stick to your fingers.Should feel like playdough.
I can't help more as Han was the one that instructed me to add more water or flour.