Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heat Transfer and Conductor& Non-conductors @PSN 30thJune2011

I love the feeling of walking into a lab with everything set up and ready to go. The staff at PSN do a wonderful job of sourcing for interesting experiments to get kids hooked on science.

First experiment : Heat Transfer.
3 rods made of different materials - copper, glass and iron were provided.
The kids were asked to roll out 3 small Plasticine balls and stick a ball on each rod.
the rods were inserted into a hole and the ends were heated by a paraffin lamp
We were told to guess which ball would drop first. The rod which was the best heat conducted would melt the Plasticine ball the fastest
Best heat conductor was copper, next iron and the glass rod remained cool.
Fai's worksheet
Second experiment was on conductors and non-conductors
The kids had to assemble their own circuits
Fai at work
5 different materials were given to determine if they were conductors

Ean playing with the switch

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