Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pameran Orang Asli @ Museum Negara 30April2011

JY's fascination with Orang Asli craft prompted me to go for this. This year we have been doing a lot of activities related to Orang Asli.
There were a few stalls selling handicraft items. JY went from stall to stall looking at rings and bracelets but she decided against getting any.
Han went"So smooth!" as he felt the wood carving.
The programme for the next few weeks. Got this from Gerai OA's Facebook posting -too bad Gerai OA wasn't around, I have never got the chance to visit their stall and their collection of beads.
JY's favourite is the 2nd from the right - quirky

Leech spirit (left) and Tornado(right)
Walking into the exhibition hall, we noticed a man sitting in a shack. We gathered around him as he carved out a letter opener. After a while, he asked if the kids wanted to try it out. For sure!
JY using a mallet and chisel on the soon to be 'tornado' sculpture.
Fai using the mallet as the very patient woodcarver held on to the chisel.
Fai holding on to the tree trunk as JY chiselled away.
JY trying her hands at weaving. She said it was very complicated. Nipah leaves was used.
JY's Nipah bird.
Bamboo musical instrument.
The ladies thumped the bamboo onto a piece of wood creating a rhythmic beat.
Blow pipe.
We all had a go at this. The boys were told to blow HARD. They couldn't and their darts bounced off the target board.

I got 10 points.

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